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Spin for Perfect Skin


The Spin for Perfect Skin is designed to be the ultimate solution for all your skin cleansing needs. It offers a combination of tools for face and body to create a comprehensive skincare routine from head to toe. 

The brush comes with four interchangeable attachments that cleanse, exfoliate and polish your entire body: the Cleansing Brush head has ultrasoft nylon bristles for everyday cleansing; the Exfoliating Brush head has quick-drying synthetic bristles that lift away dead skin cells and pore-clogging dirt and oil from your skin’s surface and leave it ready to absorb masks, serums and moisturizers; the Pumice Stone buffs and refines rough areas like heels, ankles, knees, and elbows; and the Body Brush has a wider surface area that’s perfect to deeply clean larger areas like arms, legs, torso, and hard-to-get areas like your back.

It is water-resistant so it's safe for the shower, compact enough for travel, and so versatile that you can use it all over.